Nancy R

The same afternoon we talked, I got a letter from the insurance company saying I’ll be getting a refund. I don’t know how much it is yet, but I think a few hundred dollars at least. They’re sending it to the bank, so it basically has to be applied to paying down the loan, but it’s still unanticipated money that just showed up an hour after we talked!

Alyson W

The Affirmation Intensive Questionnaire helped me identify exactly what my negative thoughts are and how they’ve been holding me back.  After doing the Affirmation Intensive with Sherry, I feel more hopeful and confident about achieving my dream of becoming a full-time writer and artist. I have a card on my home office bulletin board that says, “Make your life come true.” Thank you, Sherry, for teaching me how affirmations can help me make my life come true!