How to Use Affirmations to Get More Money

Several years ago, I had a mentor who recommended I start using affirmations.  She suggested that I could radically change my outlook on life by thinking different thoughts. Up to that point, I hadn’t really heard about affirmations or mantras, so I was skeptical.  My logical mind just couldn’t quite […]

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How Your First Job Created Money Myths

Do you recall the first money you ever made? Was it as a child, teenager or young adult? I’ve been delving even more deeply into my own money story as I help my clients and community to do the same, and I’m learning so much. Growing up, we didn’t receive […]

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3 Tools for Tuning into Money

Recently I have been sharing some content on Facebook about how limiting behaviors around money can increase the sense of lack and scarcity we have around money.  You can check out the full series here.   I got an interesting question that made me stop and go hmmmm. The question was […]

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