Hi!  I’m Sherry and I’m a Wellness Coach focused on Money Mindset.

I’m not your average money mindset coach, but before I get to that, let me tell you a little bit about what makes me tick.

Do you know that one of the things that pisses me off is this belief that the rich get richer and the poor get more poor.  Like don’t we all get to choose how we live our lives?  Don’t we all have opportunities to change our situation in some ways?

I grew up on the poor end of middle class.  My family struggled.  We wore hand-me-down clothes, we drove used cars and we lived in low-end houses.  If there was a field trip at school and we were to bring $5 to eat out, we took a bagged lunch instead.  When I was about 12 years old, my school started taking us once a week to swim at the local college.  I was so excited because I LOVE the water.  Well, the trouble was that I didn’t have a bathing suit.  Mom wanted me to be able to go swim, but she didn’t have the money to purchase a suit for me.  So, she made me a bathing suit out of some hideous purple polyester that she had.  We are talking the worst sort of 70’s material and color!  Hello Eunice!  Can you say mortified???

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. “

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I was 15 years old, I needed braces. I begged mom to take me for a consult, because I hated my mouth. She took me but as soon as they told her what the down payment and monthly payment would be, she just shook her head and said there is no way. THIS was one of the most defining moments in my life. That day when mom said no to braces, I said yes to money. I DECIDED right then and there that I was NOT going to live my entire life like that. I needed braces and I decided that I was going to have them. I began to save every penny that I could get my hands on. I cleaned houses and churches, I babysat all the screaming children, I ironed clothes for people. I basically did anything that I could to earn another $5 toward my braces. And guess what! I paid for those braces. At 15 years old.

Even more exciting than that! I’ve lived my entire adult life comfortable with money.  I live on a budget, I’m not rich, but I have an awesome relationship with money.  I often say that money loves me because I take good care of it.

I believe that each person has it within themselves to live the life they want and feel good about money.  I believe that each person can CHOOSE to not live in struggle with money or the lack of it.  I stand for every single person being BFF’s with money.  I refuse to believe that the poor don’t have a chance in Hades of having a different life.  It starts with a decision.

This is why I do what I do.

Not Your Average Money Mindset Coach

Now, let’s talk about why I’m not your average Money Mindset Coach. 

First and foremost, I don’t teach others something I’ve healed within myself.  This is my superpower.  Something I was born with.  I have an innate understanding of money and how it works.  My decision at 15 simply allowed me to tap into that.

Second, I’ve had a whole host of training and experience that I bring to the table.


Training & Experience

Let's Not Forget the Most Important Parts!

My Vision

My vision for my clients is that they will gain confidence in their own ability to handle their finances without worry and without fear of running out.  I see a world where women feel empowered and capable around money.

In Summary

When women begin to make these changes and shift how they feel about money, I believe that the world as a whole will be kinder, more nurturing and abundant.  When women release fears around money, we start to give to ourselves, our families and the world more freely.  That creates more good for everyone.
All of these things are what make me unique and able to help you overcome your money blocks and change your mindset with money.  I bring over 20 years of experience with money and money management to you so that you get the best experience possible.  More importantly, I bring the solid belief that struggling with money doesn’t have to be a way of life.  I hold space for you to come in and feel safe and give up the struggles, so that you too can have a life that is comfortable knowing that you can keep the money you have and get more when you need it.

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