How to Tap Into Your Universal Savings Account

Trust the Universe to Deliver

Have you ever considered that there is a “universal” savings account that you can deposit in as well as withdraw as needed?

I recently began considering this concept and I really believe it’s true! In general, I am not a money worrier. Money to me represents something that is everywhere and can be easily attained. However, there have been times when I’ve contemplated a financial shortfall and wondered how I was going to cover it. I tend to consider all my options in my head and mull it over until I “decide” which is the best one for me.

Several months ago, I wanted to hire my business coach and it was the first time I had truly considered plunking down a larger chunk of money for coaching. At the time, I wasn’t making enough money in my business, my part-time job and my essential oil business combined to meet my expenses. So I was living off savings. At the time, I remember asking myself:

  • “How can I spend the money on this coach?”
  • “How do I manage my expenses in order to do this?”
  • “What will happen if I spend this money and then run out of savings?”

As I was contemplating these things, I remember it came to me in a flash that my brother owed me about ½ of the cost to hire this coach. And as it happened, by brother was in great financial shape in his own life. So, I decided to ask him for what he owed me. I knew instinctively it was the answer to my questions.
Another example is more recent. I had incurred a tax bill that was more than I had planned on. I was a bit aggravated at myself, because I messed up such a simple thing. However, I knew that I had options. So, I began to list them in my head. But each one just didn’t feel right. In fact, my gut was telling that those weren’t the answers. My answer was just around the corner. So, I set the question to the side and continued about my normal business. Completely unexpectedly, the answer came to me. It was like a flash that said “here lies the money you need”.

You see, I’ve always invested heavily in my family’s finances. As long as I can remember, many times growing up, I helped mom cover the shortfall she had as a single parent with five kids. I also helped out all three of my younger brothers when they got in financial binds. Not because it was expected, but because I had all the money I needed and I didn’t want them to suffer. I did it without expecting repayment. I did it because there was a need that I could meet. And that was my way of showing love and acceptance.

Just like the money for my business coach, the money for my taxes was a similar situation. My mom is a quilter. In fact, she completely hand crafts them from start to finish. Her work has been shown in several local craft shows, including the state capitol and state fair. She cuts each piece by hand, sews the pieces together by hand and then she quilts the entire thing by hand.

They are truly works of art. Several years ago, she crafted a masterpiece of a quilt. This quilt was gorgeous and mom absolutely loved it. At the time she was making this quilt, she was in desperate need of money to cover bills. She called me one day and said that she was considering selling this quilt and it was breaking her heart. I asked her why. Someone had offered her $2k for the quilt. She said she didn’t want to, but she felt like she had to call the lady and accept the offer. I could tell that it was tearing her up. So I decided to give her the $2k that she needed. She gave me the quilt with the promise that she could come visit it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did think the quilt was gorgeous. However, I did not love it. Not like she did. Quilts just aren’t my thing. In fact, just about any crafty, decorational item just seems like frou frou to me and I generally don’t surround myself with those things.

Anyway, back to my tax shortfall. It hit me that my shortfall was exactly $2k. I was still holding mom’s quilt and she now has a nice savings account. So, it came to me that it was time to make the exchange once again. It was like I had deposited exactly what I would need into that universal savings account and when I needed it, it was available to me. Mom agreed to the exchange and my taxes are paid.

I have one other example, because I don’t want you to think this universal savings account is only linked to family. Last year I wanted to extend my nutritional coaching training. In fact, I felt so strongly about it that I knew I had to sign up even though I didn’t have all the money I needed to pay for it. I went through all my stashes and found I was $420 short. But my gut instinct was telling me that I needed this training. I signed up and charged it to my credit card. I simply trusted that I would find the $420 that I needed before my credit card came due. THE VERY NEXT day I got a letter from my bank that said they had made a mistake 8 years ago. They were depositing $420 into my bank account. Wow!

I believe that the choices we make, the people we help, the things that we give all get deposited into the universal savings account. And when it’s our time, what we need will be waiting there for us to withdraw. Does that sound too weird? Too woo woo? I think it’s like anything else in life, you get out of something what you put into it. If you only half clean your house, then you are going to receive only half the satisfaction you would have received if you cleaned the whole thing. Or how about your relationships. If you put in 100% of yourself with care, respect and cooperation for the other person, you will be repaid with similar care, respect and cooperation.

There are really only a couple of requirements to withdraw from this universal savings account:

  • Believe that it is there
  • Be willing to deposit from your heart
  • Be willing to ask for what you need when your time comes
  • Be grateful for the withdrawals when they occur

Are you depositing into your universal savings account?